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Lemma 2

Lemma 2
Label: OM Theorem
Nr kat.: OMTHM002
Format: 12"
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“A lemma is a generally minor, proven proposition which is used as a stepping stone to a larger result” - Wikipedia

We are proud to present Lemma2!

As a true lemma it both stands on its own and supports the larger theorem: to explore bass heavy music across a span of tempos and time signatures. Lemma2 goes deeper into the ideas presented in Lemma1, this time drawing inspiration from DnB, Dubstep, and Footwork. The result being a collection of sprawling 160BPM polyrhythmic rollers.

Side A ventures into sound design, mangling field recordings collected on travels far and beyond into almost unrecognizable shapes.

Side B takes on a more percussive tip, driving for the dance floor with some stepping d&b-not-d&b business and footwork interpretations.





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