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Today & Tomorrow

Today & Tomorrow
Nr kat.: FLO0013LP
Format: LP
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  • 01 In The Beginning.mp3
  • 02 Run.mp3
  • 03 Heal The World.mp3
  • 04 Lion.mp3
  • 05 The Jungle.mp3
  • 06 The Plan.mp3
  • 07 Money.mp3
  • 08 The Return.mp3
  • 09 The Greatest Smile.mp3
  • 10 Above The Sky.mp3



Originally made available as a download for free from Sault for 5 days only (1st November to 5th November 2022), released with Untitled (God), 11, AIIR and Earth. Released on vinyl April 2023.

Today & Tomorrow is yet another superb album from the Sault collective headed up by Dean Josiah Cover AKA Info. Not much else is known about them but there sure is a hell of a lot of music to get stuck into. This album was dropped as one of five last year - alongside 11, AIIR, Earth and Untitled (God)) - all for free and all on the same day. That is a mad thing to do and you might think they can't all be good albums, but they are. This is another lo-fi soul masterpiece from one of the best bands of our time.






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