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Untitled (God)

Untitled (God)
Nr kat.: FLO0015LP
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 I Am Free.mp3
  • 02 God Is Love.mp3
  • 03 Love Will Free Your Mind.mp3
  • 04 Guide My Steps.mp3
  • 05 I Surrender.mp3
  • 06 Champions.mp3
  • 07 Rafael's Prayer.mp3
  • 08 Spirit High.mp3
  • 09 Love Is All I Know.mp3
  • 10 Dear Lord.mp3
  • 11 Safe Within Your Hands.mp3
  • 12 Never Feel Fear.mp3
  • 13 We Are Gods.mp3
  • 14 Faith.mp3
  • 15 God Is On Your Side.mp3
  • 16 Luminous.mp3
  • 17 Free.mp3
  • 18 Colour Blind.mp3
  • 19 My Light.mp3
  • 20 God In Disguise.mp3
  • 21 Life We Rent But Love Is Rent Free.mp3



The Sault re-issuses keep on coming and among them comes 'Untitled (God)', intended as the dourest part of this quintuplet offering to God. This 11-track arm draws on gospel and film music more than anything else. In our view, this is the most suspenseful LP of the lot, with synthetic string sections standing in for parts that, were it not the 21st Century, we'd expect to be performed by full orchestras. No affect is lost, though: spiritual spoken-word prayers like 'Guide My Steps' recall the post-ironic vision of Dean Blunt, while everything from acapella meanderings to funk detours to improvisatory 6/4 choruses continue to pepper this long-form wonder of an album.





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