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Planet Of The Superapes

Planet Of The Superapes
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  • 01 Night Clubs.mp3
  • 02 Phillipines.mp3
  • 03 Oedipus.mp3
  • 04 Planet Of The Superapes.mp3
  • 05 Page 25–30.mp3



Insanely productive Pieter Kock of Berlin’s OTannenbaum serves up an album full of polyrhythmic collages, hovering ostinatos and explosions. 300 pcs

General aesthetics of sound: flying marble in an underground scenario totally overground. Planet of the Superapes, being a soundtrack of now, is composed of the following chapters:
Night Clubs: hard grooving eight and a half minutes, gently topped with cosmic synths and distant choirs.
Phillipines: strings and weightless vocals telling of hope and loneliness over a driving beat.
Oedipus Listen: euphorically floating atmosphere. ecstasy.
Planet of the Superapes: title track: dark, ghostly, naked, melancholic, dramatic. With a good pinch of optimistic fun.
Page 25–30: total apocalyptic drama, agressive rhythm.
A warm and inviting yet alienating record for an interesting summer.




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