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  • 01 Salt Lick.mp3
  • 02 A Life In Harmony.mp3
  • 03 Ace Rhythms.mp3
  • 04 Bird Simulation.mp3
  • 05 May I Dance With You.mp3
  • 06 Life In Acid Harmony (DJ Sotofett Acid Clash remix).mp3
  • 07 A Life In Acid Harmony (DJ Sotofett Acid Shake remix).mp3



Richard Lamb’s second and (presumably) final release under this moniker is a bit of a special one. Lamb starts off with ‘Salt Lick’. A track with beautiful, lush, sunny sounds that lure you into an unexpected world of electro, heavy bass and more dance orientated tracks like ‘A Life In Harmony’.

Following up his first EP ‘Automatic Tango’ on his own Montreal based Temple imprint, there’s still hints of early Moog greasiness but overall it’s a more decisive production compared to the previous one. Intricately layered percussion mixed together with dreamy pads take you on a journey to a hidden Utopia where tight arrangements and tribal-esque rhythms dictate the pace. Once more we are shown how versatile Lamb’s productions are and how he juggles genres freely, ranging from dub to electronica, experimental, idm and techno.

The second side of this EP features two remixes by non other than Norwegian DJ and producer DJ Sotofett. A heavyweight in the electronic music scene who needs little introduction takes on the EP’s title track ‘A Life In Harmony’ and turns it into two electro-acid pieces ready to tear up any dance floor, or anything else for that matter. Surrender to the acid and indulge in these masterful tracks.




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