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End Of That World

  • Prosto z laboratorium Matta aka Tamten. Mega brzmienie a kilka numerów w koprodukcji z takimi osobami jak Bartek Kruczyński, Freux czy Ivan Bayor. Postpandemic Dream & Hope! Big TIP! Distro by Side One!

End Of That World
Nr kat.: LUCYNA004
Format: LP+MP3
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  • A1 That World (Prologue).mp3
  • A2 Out Of The Lab.mp3
  • A3 It Spreads With Data.mp3
  • A4 Hell Dance.mp3
  • B1 Fantasy.mp3
  • B2 Sound Of Silence (Pejzaż Version).mp3
  • B3 Radio Entr'Acte.mp3
  • B4 Orpheus Drama.mp3
  • B5 Hiroshima Type Of Thing.mp3
  • B6 Bombscape Vultures.mp3


the new greek tragedy of quantum virus pandemic

Drawing from both mythology and scientific speculation, TAMTEN continues his meticulous world-building efforts on the first ever full length LP that follows up the story of "Diamentowa Sutra". 

Loosely based on the structure of an antique Greek tragedy, "End of That World" blurs the lines between both genres and narrative techniques. Even though intended for deliberate start-to-finish listening sessions similarly to a modern kraut / psych rock opera, the infectious grooves and mutant dub echoes beg for arcane communal dancefloors in the most unexpected settings. 

TAMTEN never hesitates to borrow from seemingly unrelated sources of inspiration. Luckily, instead of boasting with cultural literacy, he'd rather invite us to join him on an odyssey through eras, ideas & often unnoticed or forgotten works of others to make our own connections and interpretations. Continuing his exploration of balearic, new wave and esoteric tropes in Polish music, he also manages to reference philharmony and world renowned pop icons.

The same approach is reflected in the ensemble of friends and artists contributing to "End of That World" with instrumentals, rearrangements, samples, voices and drawings. The personnel includes some of the prominent talents of their generation like Pejzaż, Freux and Ivan Bayor, acknowledged for introducing Polish and international audiences to obscure and yet club-ready sounds.

Utilizing both classic & modern gear, TAMTEN develops a palette of his own. New age ambiences are coupled with contemporary downtempo chuggy beats while coldwave-inspired dark disco pulsating synthesizers evoke a feeling of mystery and suspense with corresponding organic textures and ritual toms and clanky percussions.



production/mix: Matt Brzezny

cover art: Zuzanna Charkiewicz

layout/design: Matt Brzezny

master: Wojciech Perczyński

release note: Norbert Piotrowski

photographs: Matt Brzeżny

polaroids: Bartosz Kruczyński


Aleksandra Młyńska aka Ajudea - voice over: tracks 1 & 6
Andrzej Frankowski aka Ivan Bayor - lead guitar: track 2
Wojciech Gawroński aka Freux - synthesizers, sampling, co-production and co-arrangement: track 5
Bartosz Kruczyński aka Pejzaż/Earth Trax - additional keys, sampling, co-production, co-arrangement, additional mix: track 7




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