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Musique Classée X (180g Gatefold) 2023 Repress

Musique Classée X (180g Gatefold) 2023 Repress
Format: LP
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  • 01 Marie-Jeanne Astique Le Pont (Croisières Pour Couples En Chaleur).mp3
  • 02 Post Scriptum Post Coïtum.mp3
  • 03 Annie A Le Vent En Croupe.mp3
  • 04 Kikumi, Paravent Et Par Derrière (Infirmières À Tout Faire).mp3
  • 05 Partenaires Particulières Pour Parties Fines.mp3
  • 06 Go Go Go Reggae (Croisières Pour Couples En Chaleur).mp3
  • 07 Birgit Et Le Mâle Du Pays (La Petite Étrangère).mp3
  • 08 Juliette, Décoincée Dans L'ascenseur (Le Droit De Cuissage).mp3



180g LP + gatefold + inner 12 pages color exercise book (X RATED)

A brand new selection of unreleased musics composed by the great Alain Goraguer, know for his works with Serge Gainsbourg and Boris Vian for movies from the golden age of french pornography, brought together on a collector vinyl, object of all the desires.

Eight never released before tracks composed by Alain Goraguer, orchestrator and composer of an impressive number of monumental french pop songs, from Boris Vian to Serge Gainsbourg, and well known by hip-hop fans and sampling lovers for his cult soundtrack for The Fantastic Planet.

Tracks saved from oblivion and fully restored, from the soundtracks of these evocative titles : Swinging Couple Cruise, Private Nurses, Right of the First Night and A Foreign Girl in Paris

Comes with a 12 pages color X-Rated Excercise book, with the classics : coloring, points to link and carvings, with a gallery of characters to carve and to layout of the included locations, to elaborate your own orgy, with any outside help ! Designed by famous french illustrateor Erwann Terrier.

Project funded through a crowfuding campaign in july 2018 that reached 700% of its initial goal




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