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Are We All Alone Or Just Overwhelmed? (Collaboration EP)

Are We All Alone Or Just Overwhelmed? (Collaboration EP)
Nr kat.: INNT003
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Neel & Blazej Malinowski - Time Is Relative.mp3
  • a2 Claudio PRC & Blazej Malinowski - Riddle.mp3
  • b1 Milena Glowacka & Blazej Malinowski - Equal.mp3
  • b2 Svreca & Blazej Malinowski - Coincidence.mp3


Blazej Malinowski joins forces with Neel, Claudio PRC, Milena Glowacka and Svreca for a collaborative EP via his own Inner Tension imprint this May.

Over the past decade, Poland-born now Berlin-based producer, DJ Blazej Malinowski has been deliver his twist on Techno via imprint such as Semantica, Kvalia, TGP, 012 and of course his own Inner Tension label where he returns here with a new collaborative EP. The idea behind the record was to merge Blazej with artists he has close connections to and create music that would capture the moment in time at which it was made, based on pure emotion and without limitation. The resultant 'Are We All Alone or Just Overwhelmed?' EP is testament to Blazej's inherent connection to Techno.

Up first on the package is 'Time Is Relative', a collaboration with Italian DJ, producer and engineer Neel which meanders through an amalgamation of intricately intertwined synth leads, robust percussion, and a grinding low- end drive. 'Riddle' with Claudio PRC follows and wanders into deeper territories via ethereal, billowing textures, metallic chimes and resonant synth flutters floating atop a circling bass groove and crisp drums.

On the flip-side Milena Glowacka joins Blazej for 'Equal', a subtly unfurling composition laid out across seven minutes with bubbling tones, dynamic percussive elements and a pulsating low-end. 'Coincidence', composed with Svreca then rounds out the release, a murky journey through haunting atmospherics, bumpy off-kilter drums, and eerie percussive fills.




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