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Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace

Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace
Label: Impulse
Nr kat.: 00602465050356
Format: CD
Styl: Jazz
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  • 01 End Of Innocence.mp3
  • 02 As The Planets And The Stars Collapse.mp3
  • 03 Insecurities.mp3
  • 04 Managing My Breath, What Fear Had Become.mp3
  • 05 The Wounded Need To Be Replenished.mp3
  • 06 Body To Inhabit.mp3
  • 07 I’ll Do Whatever You Want.mp3
  • 08 Living.mp3
  • 09 Breathing.mp3
  • 10 Kiss Me Before I Forget.mp3
  • 11 Song Of The Motherland.mp3


Shabaka Hutchings' Perceive Its Beauty is a profound and meditative musical journey that celebrates the richness and grace of African culture. Through a diverse ensemble of renowned musicians, Hutchings invites us to immerse ourselves in a sonic landscape that evokes the beauty and bounty of the Motherland. The album's meditative quality stems from the restraint and collective nature of its creation. The instruments seem to float effortlessly, creating a sonic cloud that carries echoes of Afro-Asian music and the tranquil sounds of nature. Yet, within this understated atmosphere, individual brilliance shines through. The artistry of Jason Moran on the piano and the ethereal voices of Moses Sumney and Eska add layers of nuance and emotional depth. In an era often marked by division and disharmony, Perceive Its Beauty offers a refuge of unity and peace. It invites us to transcend superficial boundaries and embrace the beauty and grace that resides within and around us.




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