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SDDS Praia - Uma Compilação Baleárica (1983-1999)

SDDS Praia - Uma Compilação Baleárica (1983-1999)
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In 1980 a new musical expression flourished on an island surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.
The location was Ibiza…
And the style, Balearic.
Reconstructing the history of its precursors here is something that I believe to be unnecessary, as everything that concerns its beginnings has already been debated and contextualized by authorities with more relevance than this limited author.
However, it seems important to me to make a brief observation about at least two of the aspects that are related to the theme and that, in a certain way, contributed to the choice of the sixteen tracks that make up this compilation.
They are: beach and nostalgia.
Two words that, using all the subjectivity I have the right to, I believe are inseparable from the dictionary that once belonged to those young people who lived the sunsets of Ibiza under the influence of Alfredo Fiorito, José Padilla (1955-2020) and many others , at the height of what has become eternal as the Balearic rhythm.
Yes, two such common words present in the music and melodies played by the DJs of yesterday and which now, when heard today, bring back memories of days gone by, feelings of nostalgia and a slight sense of sadness due to the summers that should have ended. kept eternal.
Observation made. Now, I warn you: each song chosen to participate in this compilation came from the duality of joy x melancholy so characteristic of homecomings, frustrated loves and late afternoons by the sea. Transporting listeners to a state of nostalgia governed by a sunny sound atmosphere was the primary objective of this curation.
So listen to it with your ears open. Note the names of the artists and the nationality of each of them. Do you know? No?
Well, they are Brazilians and Portuguese! And the respective artistic productions of each of these personalities (between the years 1983-1999) come close to what best reflects Balearic sound culture: the use of synthesizers, the sensitivity of the instrumentals and the lyricism so characteristic of a decade.
Listen a lot and dance even more to each track.
However, be ready to miss the summers and beaches that were left behind, somewhere in some corner of your memory.

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