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Ocean EP

Ocean EP
Nr kat.: TRNS002
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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PREMIERA: 2015-01-09

Drugie wydawnictwo na sublabelu TVPC. 1/2 Ptaków - The Phantom - potwierdza, że jest w czołówce nowej fali polskich producentów. Muzyka błękitna... Heavy recommended!!!

Transatlantyk departs for the second time and her port of call is any open-minded dancefloor around the world. As in the first journey, the well acclaimed debut 12" by Naphta, it's all about original material, this time covering a wide array of sultry ambience, orchestral lushness and raw, track-style grittiness.

In charge of this second voyage is The Phantom, one of the hardest working Polish producers well known for blending different genres with an ease. Except his solo carreer, he is also the half of a successful duo Ptaki. Fresh after releasing his debut album this spring, The Phantom comes to Transatlantyk with a three tracker filled with pulsating dance floor grooves and spacial cinematic ambience.

"Punkt" is the choice track here, combining piano house vibes with gritty housey patchworks. Refinely crafted rhythm makes a way for subtle pads along with rolling piano and bass combo, satisfying all the dancers and trainspotters at the same time. Meanwhile "Sopot" is a totally effortless and genuine jewel of balearic house music. Just wait for those strings and vocals, the epitome of feel-good vibes mixed with just a right portion of melancholy in form of bass and electric piano chords. On the flipside The Phantom takes us into a deep underwater trip on his bathyscaphe. Accurately titled "Ocean" consists of 12 minutes of cinematic pads, pianos and marimbas and could be a perfect soundtrack for one of Jean Jacques Costeau adventures, or maybe just for your relaxed Sunday at the beach.

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