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Ludzie z Marsa / Słoneczna Promenada

Ludzie z Marsa / Słoneczna Promenada
Nr kat.: TVPC006
Format: 7"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Eltron John - Ludzie z Marsa.mp3
  • b1 Eddie C - Sloneczna Promenada.mp3

Brand new (and also the last one) treat in the The Very Polish Cut-Outs 7inch series, usually devoted to quirkier and weirder tracks than the much acclaimed samplers.


Eltron John kicks off the A side with reggae influenced rework of Polish children song from late 80‘s called „Ludzie z Marsa”. His modern, dubby production and close attention to the smallest details fuses perfectly with abstract lyrics. This serious-not-serious song treats about „people who are from Mars” and invade Earth, because „they can’t remember how the forest animals look like, what a farce”. Already road tested by the members of TVPC, this Caribbean-East European depth of a groove works perfectly in late night drunk sets.


On the B side Eddie C visits executive suite of a cruise ship with his extended, melancholic rework of „Słoneczna Promenada”. The original tune is an old Polish cocktail-lounge from late 70’s, transformed here into psychedelic story of epic proportions. Moody loops evoke instant headnodding and added dub effects magnify the nostalgic, sunny vibe.

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