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Ego (coloured vinyl)

Ego (coloured vinyl)
Label: U Know Me
Nr kat.: UKM038
Format: 10"
Kraj: PL
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Wyjątkowa, limitowana 10-calowa płyta.

Na niej trzy opublikowane do tej pory utwory projektu RYSY.


A1. Ego feat. Justyna Święs

A2. I Will Fly feat. Justyna Święs

B1. Brat



 Rysy is a brand new name at the Polish electronic music scene. Hypnotic rhythms are influenced by IDM. Experimental sound combined with catchy melodies create intriguing stories. Rysy is a narrative and conceptual project that combines ethereal soundscapes with energetic and pulsing beats. The project has been founded by Wojtek Urbański and Łukasz Stachurko (Sonar Soul) and features Justyna Święs (The Dumplings) on the vocals.

Wojtek Urbański – composer, music producer and sound engineer. His tracks have been released in Compost Records (label that releases Jazzanova, Koop). He’s currently creating music directed to movies, spectales, fashion shows and commercials. For over a few years he has been composing soundscapes directed to KTR, Media Trendy and Effie Awards. He has also received multiple awards for music and sound design (i.a. Nocne Marki, srebrny KTR, Brand New Awards. Wojtek co-produced Novika’s ‘Lovefinder’ album that won Fryderyki 2012 award. He was the speaker at TEDxWarsaw 2013 and he also has cooperated with Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts as an consultant on Video Sound System workshops. He is the owner of Sound Boom studio. Wojtek graduated from (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) where studied Sculpture.

Sonar Soul (Łukasz Stachurko) - DJ and music producer from Warsaw. His explorations reach genres such as soulful electronic and abstract hip-hop. Inspired by modern architecture and randomness of human nature he has created his style characterized by fusion of naïve melodies and sentimental spirit while using minimal quantity of unobvious elements.

Lukasz debuted in 2001r. with Namaste’s “Lot 76” album. He co-produced lots of music projects like Namaste Soundsystem, Jazzavie or Basalias. As Sonar Soul he has released two singles: Feelosophy on vinyl and digital version of Adore which has been remixed by leading electronic producers on the Polish scene. His EP “Trip To A” was released by U Know Me Records in August, 2014 and it featured Paulina Przybysz, Justyna Święs, Novika and hailing from Chicago MC Sir Sqair Blaq. Łukasz is a member of DJ collective called Junoumi Crew.

Justyna Święs – a member of The Dumplings duo that has been named the most promising band of the Polish music scene in 2013. Their debut album “No Bad Days” was critically acclaimed and became top rated at a couple of album rankings – Gazeta Wyborcza (4th place), Uwolnij Muzyke (5th place), (9th place). Justyna’s name also appeared at Fisz Emade Tworzywo’s “Mamut” album where she featured her vocals on top singles “Pył” and “Ślady”. Justyna and Łukasz also collaborated earlier on Sonar Soul project producing “The Dive”. Being a part of Rysy, she’s responsible for singing and songwriting.

Follow-up track to the debut single ‘EGO’. That melodic nu-beat piece was inspired by Gold Panda and Four Tet sounds that drive the listener through the maze of beats and rhythms. Like Moderat tracks it carries through the trance states into the dance parts. ‘Brat’ works perfectly on the dancefloor but also while finding inner peace in the bedroom. Rysy catches ear with its simple melodies that become an addiction to every listener.

‘EGO’ EP is a combination of the new sound with pulsing beats and catching melodies. RYSY is the representative of nu-beat. The band constantly experiments with new solutions while blending them with electro-pop influences. The trumpet sound used in “I Will Fly” and aggressive melody from “BRAT” prove that romance with pop works only when the artists intentionally brake the rules and have their attention focused on the forwardness of modern music. RYSY’s EP contains two tracks featuring Justyna Święs (The Dumplings). Her vocals fit perfectly with progressive, electronic sound and so do the lyrics which emphasize quality of the music.


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