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Label: Lehult
Nr kat.: LHLTSUB1
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Liem - If Only.mp3
  • b1 Lucky Charmz - Buy Urself A Friend.mp3

New Lehult Sub Label !” Limited to 200 12” Vinyl Only, Hand Stamped. Tracklist A1 - Liem - If Only , B1 - Lucky Charmz - Buy Urself A Friend

This little sub-series is dedicated to DJ-friendly flips, chops and spins, brought to you on a limited edition of 200 hand-stamped white labels. This is all about sharing good times: Instead of hiding these little gems from y’all, we decided to rather share them - For you to play! On the A-Side, Liem doesn’t do any wrong. His ‘If Only’ nothing but classy. With a simple setup of funky Hats, thumping Kick, flowing chords and a extra deep bassline, his sounds deliver the prefect smooth backdrop for the vocals to become alive. Doesn’t this make the world a better place? On the B-Side, Lucky Charmz returns and shows us his disco editing skills. ‘Buy Urself a Friend’ is a groovy piece of house that invites everyone to clap along and bust a move. Full on with conga action, high string and big breakdown this has never failed to rock any crowd. Why are we even wasting so many words on this? Get on the Dancefloor and get down to this!



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