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Label: Mr Bongo
Nr kat.: MRBLP150
Format: LP
Styl: African
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  • 01 I Walk Alone.mp3
  • 02 We Live In Peace.mp3
  • 03 No Condition Is Permanent.mp3
  • 04 Break Through.mp3


Marijata was a group made up of three members - Kof 'Electric' Addison on drums, Bob Fischlan on organ and Nat Osmanu on guitar, hailing from Ghana. 'This Is Marijata' is the groups frst LP, released originally on the Gapophone label - it is pure, rootsy, raw, driving African funk music of the highest order, now highly sought-afer in both its original and previously reissued forms. Addison, Osmanu and Fischlan formed a band called the Sweet Beans with a young singer and guitarist, namely the legendary Pat Thomas. They released 'False Lover' (GAPO LP 02) in 1974 on Gapophone Records before recording 'This Is Marijata' (GAPO LP 012) and then 'Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata' (GAPO LP 013) shortly aferwards. 'This Is Marijata' is summed up perfectly by the text on the back cover: Three young musicians of the Sweet Beans believe that in music and entertainment business, there is no room for mediocrity if one's music is to win over a bigger audience and fame. How could they give the public a taste of the talent they had so metculously nurtured since they began their musical careers without upsetng the current musical inclinaton in the country Simple, Gapahone Records, quick to spot talent listened to the music of Kof Electric' Addison (Drummer) Bob Fischlan (Organist) and Nat Osmanu (Guitarist), liked it and the result, afer month of hard work is what you have on this album - THIS IS MARIJATA



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