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Silent State

Silent State
Label: Smallville
Format: 12"
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Stefan Laubner runs one of the most exciting and inspirational Labels touching the deep minimalistic underground since quite a while: SOMETHING. The music of STL has always been played besides tracks of Theo Parrish, Sascha Dive or the new Toolhouse movement, Jus-Ed or within the vibes of Cadenza. Why do his tracks fit for such a wide range of DJs? The answer is simple- Stefan Laubner’s music is completely unique, free of selfishness and trendsearch, deep and touching- and it hits the floor. After Releases on Perlon, Styrax and his own Something imprint, we are proud to announce another collection of brillant STL works on Hamburg’s lovely Smallville label. The number 12 goes out to all the deepsters who still kick the dancefloor with the A-side. For those who like it fast forward and bumpy- two techy low tracks on the bside will catch you up!



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