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Live In Seattle (LP + MP3 download code)

Live In Seattle (LP + MP3 download code)
Label: Further
Nr kat.: FUR050LP
Format: LP
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Two thirds of Magic Mountain High team up on this masterpiece. Its David Moufang aka Move D and Jordan Czamanski aka Jordash on a live performance recorded in Seattle in May 2013. In the words of Further Records: "It was the kind of set during which you say to yourself, "I hope to hell somebody's recording this." Side A provides a highlight of the first half of the set and definitely the most experimental part. Gentle xylophone vibes are soon joined by snarling monosynth leads, transitioning into suspenseful and cinematic soundtrack territory with sombre and immersive pads. It all gels together in a frenzy, fuelled by rusty percussion and swirling synth textures. Side B starts off grumbling away beneath chimes and what sounds like a theremin until gradually the acid begins setting in. The 303 builds to an epic climax over several layers of percussion and rich strings, gradually deconstructing, layer upon layer into delay. You can even hear the rapturous applause from the audience and one ecstatic punter bellow out an "Aww yeeah!"



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