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Walk Alone

Walk Alone
Nr kat.: MFM007
Format: LP
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  • 01 Clap Your Hands.mp3
  • 02 No Need For Us To Explain.mp3
  • 03 Rejuvenation.mp3
  • 04 Stay With Me.mp3
  • 05 When You Had The Chance.mp3
  • 06 Know I`m Not The One.mp3
  • 07 Believe It Or Not.mp3
  • 08 Don`t Hide.mp3
  • 09 Walk Alone.mp3
  • 10 I`ve Been Waiting.mp3


Napoleon Cherry is perhaps not the unknown name that Music From Memory excels at celebrating - PPU released a 12" of his brilliantly low-key soul workout "When You Had The Chance" earlier this year - but the Philadelphian musician's releases are certainly suitably hard to find. This career retrospective offers a mix of impossible-to-find tracks, many from his deliciously rare 1990 debut full-length, and previously unheard cuts. It portrays Cherry as a master of warm, evocative, Balearic soul and lo-fi synthesizer funk, whose analogue-rich releases were always out-of-step with the musical trends developing around him. Crucially, all 10 of these tracks are superb, making Walk Alone yet another essential Music From Memory purchase.



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