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D.K. /

Island Of Dreams

Island Of Dreams
Label: Antinote
Nr kat.: ATN026
Format: LP
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  • 01 Evening Shadows.mp3
  • 02 Ivory Forest.mp3
  • 03 Play On.mp3
  • 04 Journey To The Sun.mp3
  • 05 Memories.mp3
  • 06 Raindrops.mp3
  • 07 High On The Sea.mp3


No more pool parties, no more red-hot cars on the road to Miami; with his third release (and second album) on Antinote, Parisian producer D.K. gives his music a new direction. While his previous 12”, Love On Delivery (ATN016), was a perfect soundtrack to your endless nights spent on Outrun on Sega Genesis, Island Of Dreams will more likely incite you to turn on your old Mackintosh and play Myst again. With Evening Shadows, D.K. slowly unveils a very personal virtual landscape, letting us approach his island of dreams, while Ivory Forest already invites us to loose ourselves in a wood in which the babblings of synthetic birds can be heard. Play On is more of a beach affair, an invitation to rest on numeric sand in front of a digital sunset before a highly melancholic Journey To The Sun and an initiatory dive in a sea of pixels on Memories. The music on Island Of Dreams is not designed for the dancefloors and Raindrops is the only housy excursion of the record, but it resonates with so much intensity and energy that the song wakes you up from the dream you’ve fallen into. Finally, High On The Sea, the ethereal conclusion to the album, is not a goodbye song to D.K.’s island for it leaves in your mind a window open onto this synthetic world, to be entered again.



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