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Build Fire EP

Build Fire EP
Label: Moonshine
Nr kat.: MS033
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Build Fire ft Jay Spaker.mp3
  • b1 Build Dub.mp3
  • b2 Build Fire ft Jay Spaker (Bukkha remix).mp3


Prior to Moonshine Recordings’ regular vinyl release schedule, it has decided to make a last-minute digital single up for grab for all fans. This EP, entitled ‘Build Fire’, comes from Polish dub master Radikal Guru, who’s nearly ready for his next full album. With vocal support from Jay Spaker and remix skills from Moonshine all-star Bukkha, it’s safe to say that 2016 is the biggest year so far for the label.

The producer blends in Jay Spaker’s voice with Radikal Horns, which hold the saxophone, trombone & trumpet that simply bring the right Moonshine vibration to the dance. And with this signature sound carved in stone, the sound that has been dispersing from speaker boxes the past few months will instantly be putting a smile on your face.

Whether you’re listening to the music at a dance or at home, all three tracks hold the right energy for any specific occasion. Their compelling bass sound resonates in line with the various styles of dub, reggae and dubstep included. Therefore the tough Build Fire, dub version and Bukkha remix make this single an excellent lead up to the arrival of Radikal Guru’s forthcoming album. It will simply spark a fire everywhere you go! Radikal Guru & Bukkha deliver the right vibes together with vocalist Jay Spaker - all in advance of the full album dropping very soon. If you’re after this healing sound, make sure to keep an eye on the pre-order links surfacing very soon. Expect some wonderful dub music coming from the Moonshine Recordings camp in the next few months!



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