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(Dub) Excursion(s) (Orange Vinyl)

(Dub) Excursion(s) (Orange Vinyl)
Label: Moonshine
Nr kat.: MSLP008RP
Format: LP
Kraj: PL
Wysyłka w 26 dni
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99.90 / 1szt.
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  • 01 Run Dub.mp3
  • 02 Amir Dub.mp3
  • 03 (Yes!) Badness.mp3
  • 04 Ael Na Dub.mp3
  • 05 Solid.mp3
  • 06 Ethiopian Dub.mp3
  • 07 Uranus.mp3
  • 08 Run (Babe Roots remix).mp3


2024 Orange Vinyl Reissue!

Pure, Distilled Dub. Upholding Jamaica's Legacy As Well As Germany's Unequivocally Influential Dub Techno Spirit, Moonshine Recordings Proudly Welcomes Their Next Addition To The Roster. On The Controls For The 9th Full-length Album Release, A True-to-the-roots, All-analogue Musician: Another Channel. Having Put Himself On The Map With Releases On Soukah's Blacksoil Records, Bristol's Transient Audio As Well As On Australian Imprint Modern Hypnosis, It's Now Time For The Album Release, We've All Been Waiting For. No Computer Involved As Impeccable Arrangements And Analogue Reverberations Unfold. Live And Direct In The Original Dub Mixing Fashion, The Augsburg-based Artist Uniquely Transports The Sonic Characteristics Of Rhythm & Sound Into The Present Time.

Subtle Vinyl Crackles Gently Introducing Meditative Beats, 'run Dub' Sets The Pace. Keen Listeners Find Themselves Embedded In Lively Echoes And Reverbs, Left To Bask In Smooth, Sonic Contemplation. Engineered To Soothe The Soul, Timeless Foundation Sound. Intensified Groove Meets Low-frequency Pressure In 'amir Dub' Among Haunting Melodica Fragments. '(yes!) Badness' Unsheathes Its Off-kilter Swing, Vocal And Foley Samples Musing In The Distance - Further Showcasing Another Channel's Technical Prowess. Heavy Chord Stabs And Delicate Overdrive Counterpoint The Immense Scope Of Conjured Space In 'ael Na Dub', Concluding A Beautiful A-side.

Lush Chords Lure Us To The Flip-side - 'solid' Kicks Off With A Staccato Bass-line In The Midst Of Lavish White Noise Surges And Minimal Drums. Rooted In Endless Feedback Trails, Steadily Kept In Check. Previously Teased, The Mighty 'ethiopian Dub' Steps Through In Full Glory, Carried By Militant Drum Motion And Forceful Low-end. On A More Spacious Excursion, 'uranus' Takes A Brightly Lit Stroll Through The Analogue Dub Universe, Led On By Another Channel's Signature Groove Propulsion. Pointing Back Towards A-side, Prolific Dub Proponent Babe Roots Presents His Musical Qualities In A Monumental Remix Of 'run'.




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