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Can't Stop The House (white vinyl)

  • Chicagowski klin z 1987. Mocny mechaniczny bit i freestyle'owy wokal z jasnym przekazem. Gościnnie Adonis, no i pianinkowy remiks Steve'a „Silk” Hurleya. Anthem alert!

Can't Stop The House (white vinyl)
Label: House Jam
Nr kat.: HJA2016001WHITE
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Can`t Stop The House (vocal mix).mp3
  • a2 Can`t Stop The House (Basement mix).mp3
  • b1 Can`t Stop The House (LNR clubhouse remix).mp3
  • b2 Can`t Stop The House (LNR Underground remix).mp3


In terms of “legendary” House records, it doesn’t get any better than LNR’s “Can’t stop the house". Originally released in the golden year of 1987 the Chicago duo of Larry Thompson and Rick Lenoir (with a helpful production assist from the mighty Adonis and a dope remix from Steve “Silk” Hurley) crafted this anthemic slab of chunky, funked out jacking House. “Can’t stop the house” is a straightforward, stripped back club track, no special FX - just straight up party music for sweaty dancefloors. This official 2016 reissue contains 4 mixes of this stone cold classic - The vocal mix, basement mix, house of trix mix and the rapid edit, all culled from the numerous pressings that came out in 1987 - 1989. In a sense, this is “the complete” collection of this cornerstone of Chicago House. The full set. All audio has been lifted from Rick Lenoir’s private collection of reel to reel tapes from his basement and remastered accordingly. This reissue has been realised with the full involvement of Thompson & Lenoir and is 100% legit! Don’t snooze, this one deserves a spot in any self respecting House heads record bag or DJ set, classic material made available again for 2016 - You can’t stop it!



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