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  • (Limited Blue Vinyl) - TIP !!!

Label: Infine
Nr kat.: IF2066
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Sandstorms (Versus Version).mp3
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A classic gem of Carl Craig`s discography as re-engineered in a groundbreaking classical version. The track `Sandstorms´ was originally released in 2004 on Carl Craig?s mythical EP Just Another Day. The title was a reference to the Gulf War, which was raging at the time, and of which we are still feeling the after effects. Planet E and InFiné are honored to release this masterpiece as the debut for the Versus project on March 17. The 12? will feature the studio version of the Versus orchestral adaptation, as well as an unreleased take of the original, both carefully crafted by Carl Craig himself, on blue-colored vinyl. Versus is a sonic battleground between traditional classical orchestration and underground electronic sound. Initiated by Alexandre Cazac (A&R of InFiné), the project aims to adapt both Craig?s and Francesco Tristano?s repertoires to symphonic instrumentation. In 2008, they made history with a unique live performance in Paris, featuring Moritz von Oswald, conductor François-Xavier Roth, and his Les Siècles orchestra. The project will be taking on yet another shape in 2017 with a much-awaited official album release, planned for May on InFiné. No effort was spared to record the orchestra in the purest tradition of classical music reproduction, confronting the futuristic hammering of electronics head-on. The result is equally surprising and powerful, enhancing the highly cinematic and evocative nuances of `Sandstorms´ like projecting Craig´s original piece in its widescreen splendour. On the flipside, Craig pushes the envelope once more, with a more dancefloor-oriented version, which cranks up the overpowering soundscapes and hypnotic minimal waves of the original with a strong hypnotic bass kick.



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