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On The Spot

On The Spot
Nr kat.: TRUCD339
Format: CD
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  • 01 8 Kickin` It Live.mp3
  • 02 Get It How You Live.mp3
  • 03 Bottom Of The Bucket.mp3
  • 04 On The Spot.mp3
  • 05 St James Infirmary.mp3
  • 06 That Girl.mp3
  • 07 Sweetest Taboo.mp3
  • 08 Annie Mae.mp3
  • 09 Working Together.mp3
  • 10 Can`t Nobody Get Down.mp3
  • 11 Keepin` It Funky.mp3


New Orleans' Grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Band release their ffh LP, 'On The Spot'. In true Hot 8 style, this album pairs hard-hitng, heart-on-sleeve sentment with party-fuelling beats, hooks and grooves, raw funk and charismatc hip hop vocals mix with Big Easy jazz elegance. Expect unshakable horn rifs and bubbling bass as the record transports you right into the centre of an electrifying Hot 8 party crowd. The ttle of the new album refers to the glorious, rare moment in a New Orleans parade when the band stops to take a break but keeps noodling with their instruments for the crowd. Vibing, keeping the energy up, when they're completely in the moment they sync up and the magic happens - a new tune is created: On The Spot. Their ffh LP sees Hot 8 commitng this live sound and spirit to record like never before - note the exclamaton captured on tape at end of the ttle track: Did we just make that up!' These 11 tracks have helped the band get through their up and down moments, 'On The Spot' honours fallen friends and the city of New Orleans, and showcases new heights achieved afer coming back from the deepest lows. We stll break down a lot,' says bandleader and tuba player Bennie Pete, but now it's tears of joy. We keep everything in our hearts, but we keep on.'



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