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Firma Do Txiga (in hand-painted sleeve)

Firma Do Txiga (in hand-painted sleeve)
Label: Principe
Nr kat.: SIPR019
Format: 3x7"
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  • a1 DJ K30 - Era Uma Ve(z).mp3
  • a2 DJ K30 - Hora Da Casa.mp3
  • b1 DJ K30 - Sistema.mp3
  • b2 DJ K30 - Melodias Do K30.mp3
  • c1 DJ NinOo - Ambientes Leves.mp3
  • d1 DJ NinOo - Saudades Do Russel.mp3
  • e1 Puto Anderson - Eh Brincadeira.mp3
  • f1 Puto Anderson - Gritos Do Infinito.mp3


Brand new set of 3 x 7" on the Principe Discos Label out of Lisbon.

> Limited first pressing, individually hand-painted sleeves

> Debut showcase of this ground-breaking crew

Txiga means something like "come close" and that takes us right into the heart of the matter. Although especially apparent in the tarraxo style they are so connected to, the expression reveals unbounded enthusiasm for music, taken from the roots up, wherever the feeling projects it to. And so we felt this crew had to come across in a special way. Three seven inch records, one for each of the main producers (Wayne is kept as a reserve), represent three branches of the same tree. The 4 tracks produced by K30 explore a more synthetic approach to the syncopated African sound of the streets, a sort of avant-garde technoid expression of the batida identity. Sparse atmospheres, exotic percussion punches and something of a minimalist nature. "Melodias Do K30" bring in more drama but also a casual production method assumed as such - check the false ending. OK, DJ NinOo, with ondulating Oo's and that's exactly what it feels like when you get to the end of the spacey, romantic "Ambientes Leves", an outstanding slow jam guaranteed to keep those rainy days happy. The extra heavy bassline pairs up with circular synth waves for a sweet and sour atmosphere nothing else than unique. Then comes "Saudades Do Russel", a loving dedication in house tempo and sporting a complex, nostalgic keys workout. We chose two old cuts by Puto Anderson that might seem to limit the perspective regarding his production, but these actually push us back to the sort of raw ground zero where the whole batida substance has evolved from. Heavy, minimal, aggressive and happy in a way most os us can only try to grasp. The relentless, gritty groove on both tracks comes from another era to fall flat on the centre of the dancefloor and keep things tight.



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