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Dekmantel 10 Years 06

Dekmantel 10 Years 06
Label: Dekmantel
Nr kat.: DKMNTL10YEARS06
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Young Marco - Palace Green Beans.mp3
  • a2 Suzanne Kraft - Moving.mp3
  • b1 Tom Trago - Digital Love.mp3
  • b2 Awanto 3 - Pepe Mujica.mp3


Dutch DJ, producer and Dekmantel family member Young Marco kicks things off with a beautiful, melodic, waterfall of a track. It's a record you'll want to play out on a yacht, while sipping on a rosé under the warm, afternoon sun. 2017 has been nothing short of an epic year for Marco, having already compiled the second in the Selectors compilation series for Dekmantel, in addition to having released the second LP as Gaussian Curve, alongside Gigi Masin, and Johnny Nash. Marco is in good company, as Dutch-based artist Suzanne Kraft crafts a delightful, ambient-meets-house, summer groove, that lives at the most relaxed of paces, sitting side-by-side on the A-side. Flip the record over and Dekmantel favourite, and Dutch house institute Tom Trago finds himself in a moment of blissful summer haze, with soft, sonic-pallets and waving melodies. Concluding the record is long serving Dekmantel mainstay, and Rednose Distrikt main-man Awanto 3 with an analogue, and feel-good, electro-beat rhythm. This, the sixth release in the ten-part undertaking, follows a juggernaut of releases that have featured The Egyptian Lover, Levon Vincent, Gigi Masin, Fatima Yamaha, Burnt Friedman, and far more. Featuring the collective talents of Young Marco, Suzanne Kraft, Tom Trago, and Awanto 3, the sixth-EP is a collection of colourful soul, sun-filled gentle rhythms, and delicately smooth house-beats that are poised, and pertinent for long, summer days. Which is quite handy, considering it comes out just in time for the second iteration of the Dekmantel Selectors festival in Croatia. And if this record doesn't make you want you to book your flights now, what will?

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