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Permanent Vacation X (10 Years Label Anniversary)

Permanent Vacation X (10 Years Label Anniversary)
Nr kat.: PERMVAC160-1
Format: 4LP
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  • 01 John Talabot - The Strange Silence.mp3
  • 02 Mano Le Tough - Full On Spring.mp3
  • 03 TB & Bostro Pesopeo - Violet.mp3
  • 04 New Jackson - There Will Always Be This Love (feat Margie Jean Lewis).mp3
  • 05 Lake People - Morrow.mp3
  • 06 Lauer - Falling Back Up.mp3
  • 07 Woolfy Vs Projections - Astronaut.mp3
  • 08 Red Axes - Eastern Crown.mp3
  • 09 Joakim - Camino De La Luna (dub version).mp3
  • 10 Pional - State Of Presence.mp3
  • 11 Benjamin Frohlich - I.A.M.B.D..mp3
  • 12 Tuff City Kids - Hardlake.mp3
  • 13 The Drifter - Space Ramp.mp3
  • 14 Daniel Bortz - Chasing Worms.mp3
  • 15 Lord Of The Isles - Out Here.mp3
  • 16 Joakim - Camino De La Luna.mp3
  • 17 Tensnake - Cielo.mp3


Celebrating its 10 years label anniversary Permanent Vacation releases a top-notch package of 16 brand-new tracks by their main artists including John Talabot, Tuff City Kids, Mano Le Tough, Tensnake, Red Axes, Pional and many more. Plus special guest Joakim, who contributed the track 'Camino De La Luna'; paying homage to his classic remix for Antena's 'Camino Del Sol', the first big hit on the label 10 years ago. EVEN ETERNITY HAS TO BE MEASURED AND THAT'S WHY IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF PERMANENT VACATION WITH A BIG FAT ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION. But let's look back for a minute, because a lot has happened since Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich dusted off the mirror balls in Munich. Since the 1970s the city always had a reputation for being one of the world's disco capitals and Permanent Vacation took good care of this precious heritage being partly responsible for the new found love of Disco music and its variations such as BALEARIC, COSMIC, KRAUTROCK or PROTOHOUSE. Back then Tom, who for several years had been working in the music business, was a regular at Play Records that was run by Benjamin, who had also been busy as a DJ and party promoter. Soon they became friends and discovered their astoundingly similar taste in music. The label name PERMANENT VACATION also reflects the way the label came into existence, since the its main concept was developed during pingpong matches rather than at a conference table. Already their first release, a compilation of the same name—'PERMANENT VACATION'—, was celebrated as 'razor-sharp, pulsating, pornographic, all fuses opening crazy pop' by one of Germany's leading daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Taking off from here Permanent Vacation managed to become one of the flagships of the new movement and had several genre-defining hits with the reissue of Antena's classic "Camino del Sol" album (even the Pet Shop Boys claimed it as an influence) and the accompanying remixes. Next up was the album "Miss Diamond to you" by singer Kathy Diamond, produced by the wild boogie wizard Maurice Fulton. This album was followed by multiple releases worth mentioning, many of which can be called modern day disco classics by now: Tensnake's 'Coma Cat', which entered the UK top 40, Azari & III 'Reckless with your love', albums by Swedish Italo princess Sally Shapiro and by Vienna heartthrob Wolfram, Jacques Renault's remix of Midnight Magic's 'Beam Me Up', 40 Thieves 'Don't turn it off', Todd Terje's 'Remaster of the Universe remix collection'



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