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Yebo / Mantekilla (180g)

Yebo / Mantekilla (180g)
Label: Samosa
Nr kat.: SMS001
Format: 12"
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De Gama turned a lot heads back in 2010 when he released his Afrika 12" via D:vision. This release quickly became somewhat of a treasure on Discogs. With its rarity and price increasing over the years. Its popularity only grew greater with the likes of Dan Shake playing it on Boiler Room, which has led to a very welcome repress of the instant classic which is sure to sell-out just as quickly as its initial release back in 2010. In more good news, its long awaited follow-up is arriving in the form of Samosa Records' inaugural release. It is a vinyl-only affair headed up by label co-founder De Gama. Once again showing his talent for unearthing killer afro samples, De Gama creates 'Yebo', a dancefloor groover that's guaranteed to move crowds from beginning until end. It's a hypnotic track that is well worth the wait and a worthy follow-up to 'Afrika'. On this release we get double the fun as on the flip we are given 'Mantekilla', a Balearic-reggae-clash bomb that builds and sprawls over seven minutes of groove-laden percussion. Guitars and tight percussion play off each other for the duration of the track. Bobbing and weaving through the speakers to create that trademark De Gama groove. If Afrika is anything to go by, this 12' is going to be difficult to come by after its release on September 5th. Don't sleep! Afro grooves not to be missed!



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