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Old to the New

  • Footwork i juke według duetu z Poznania. Na oldschoolowych NY-hip-hopowych samplach. Pociachane wokale, bity z MPCtki i... eleganckie pady. Muzyka futurystyczna, a zarazem w opór melancholijna

Old to the New
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90s Hip-Hop was a musical signpost to millennials. Both Astigmatic Records crew and Bennelux duo’s roots are deeply connected to four elements of hip-hop culture. ‘Old to the New’ is a combination of early musical inspirations blended with modern 160BPM juke and the footwork world.

‘Old to the New’ is a sentimental journey through the culture that has started a new wave of artists – from graphic designers, painters, directors and dancers to electronic music producers. Hip-hop music was always meant to be a progressive music, taking elements from the past to create something fresh. Bennelux are making sure their mixtape isn’t deprived of these features unlike a lot of current rap music.

Bennelux is a producer duo based in London (UK) and Poznan (Poland). Benncart and Lux Familiar are specialised in high energy Juke music, Footwork, Jungle and everything else based around 160BPM. On ‘Old to the New’ mixtape they’re paying homage to 90s hip-hop from New York.

We wanted to go back in time and create something completely fresh and unique moving it to the current fast-moving field of juke and footwork descending from Chicago. Most of our songs started from samples that were previously being used in some of the classic hip-hop tunes that shaped our musical taste. – says Benncart

The majority of this project was recorded in 2014 when an undoubted pioneer of Chicago’s juke/footwork scene, DJ Rashad passed away. On the mixtape, we can find two tracks that are self-devoted to the legendary Teklife crew producer, including ‘Moment of Silence’ which had its premiere in 2016 on Soundcloud, taking by storm the footwork community.

The mixtape is released on vinyl at a very limited amount of 222 copies. Each of the copies will have a handmade number and a unique tag alongside the illustration of the old Poznań Główny Railway Station. The record won’t be available on streaming platforms. The vinyl and digital version will be available only through Bandcamp.

We’d like to dedicate this release to the people that believe in our music and have been supporting us in these uncertain times. Pre-order is available from 5th June. The mixtape will be out on 17th July.
released July 17, 2020

Mastering: Marcin Cichy (Plug Audio Mastering)
Illustations: RSO196
Graphic design: Animisiewasz
Tag: Adrian Jóźwiak

All tracks produced by Bennelux between 2014 - 2015, except “Moment of Silence” by Lux Familiar.

Bennelux is: Benncart and Lux Familiar.

This mixtape is dedicated to Dj Rashad. He was an undisputable champion of the footwork game, and an infinite source of inspiration for ourselves.

160 bpm - electronic - hip hop - bass - footwork - juke - jungle - sampling - Poland




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