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Doez Dance Mania Sampler 3

Doez Dance Mania Sampler 3
Nr kat.: DM307
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Let It Be House (unreleased long version).mp3
  • a2 Exta-C (909-RZI RX).mp3
  • b1 Kurokin Push.mp3
  • b2 Boody Mover (DM 202).mp3
  • b3 Wicked (DM 086).mp3


The third (& final) instalment of DJ Deeon's unreleased and archival EP's is here! In the spirit of the previous 2 we've asked the man to dig into his tapes for those rare and raw cuts that the make the heads salivate! Kicking things off in fine style is Deeon's take on of 'Let it be house' from 1997, included here is a longer, unreleased mix of this absolutely banging near-cover version of Mike Dunn's perennial Chicago classic. This one is sure to do damage, a booming call to arms for the soldiers of house nation! Essential business. 'Exta-C' is up next, according to Deeon himself this is one he constantly gets asked about so it made sense for it to be back out there on the streets. Pure, unadulterated jacking zone material, funky as f*ck and unforgiving. A surefire winner in the dance! 'Kurokin Push' starts proceedings on side-b, a manic acid tinged killer with a bassline that oozes funk. Swinging in all the right ways this jam is destined to be big and sits nicely with all the other rare as hens teeth selections on the EP. Deeon fans will not be disappointed! Next up we have the infamous 'Boody Mover' from 1997, remastered straight offa the DAT! A sly nod to Jack Frost's acid classic 'Dap Me'. We felt this one sits nicely (no pun intended) in amongst the other cuts on this EP, some vintage ghetto DM sh*t right here, storming! 'if this don't make your booty move your booty must be dead'! Last, and certainly not least, we have Deeon's 'Low end theory' project from 1995 giving us 'Wicked', a demented acid track that tweaks in all the right places! A perfect finisher to this 5 cut monster of an EP showcasing one of the pioneers of this sound. All in all, a collection of essential jams for the freaks here, snooze ye not! Every track on here has been remastered and repressed with the full consent and involvement of DJ Deeon and Parris Mitchell, selected and programmed from Deeon's private archives and DAT tapes for Above Board, London. 100% hater free.


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