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Doez Dance Mania Sampler 1

Doez Dance Mania Sampler 1
Nr kat.: DM305
Format: 12"
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  • a1 In The House.mp3
  • a2 Do U C.mp3
  • a3 The 221.mp3
  • b1 Hypnosis.mp3
  • b2 R U Sure.mp3
  • b3 House Werk.mp3


By now, Chicago's home of the ghetto house movement, Dance Mania, should need no introduction! If you didn't already know, they are the original purveyors of that hard-ass, stripped back, tough, hitting electronic funk, they've never held back with their output. Operating since the late 80's the label has gained legions of fans over 2 decades as well as a certain notoriety and one of their most well-known artists has got to be the legendary DJ Deeon and his various production pseudonyms! This, the very first of a series of samplers focusses on some of his unreleased cuts, rarities and classics from the DM catalogue. Kicking things off we're greeted by the classic 'In This House', smashing toms, claps and sped up kids vox all combine to form a bonfide ghetto classic. 'DO U C' takes us back to the Muzic Box, Deeon nods to Ron Hardy on this slammin' version of 'Coming On Strong', a chopped up Discoid monster with a fat-ass 808 rumble underneath. High grade indeed. Time for an unreleased cut, yep, courtesy of Deeon himself we have 'The 221', dug outta the archive and included here for your enjoyment. Again, this that genuine, classic DJ Deeon gear. Flip it over to side B is the all-out acid burner 'Hypnosis', taken from Deeon's rare as Playground Productionz double pack 'Vintage Computation' from 1995. Absolutely smashing this one, and what a way to ignite things! 'R U Sure' is next and is one of those insane, 'WTF is this' Chicago jams, spaced-out percolating chaos of the highest degree! Watch this one work when you play it. 'House Werk' rounds out side A, first time on wax for this one, originally only available on a mid 90's mixtape we are treated to this hi-energy jacker that will smack the dance-floor, guaranteed! Not for the amateurs! Every track on here has been remastered and repressed with the full consent and involvement of DJ Deeon and Parris Mitchell, selected and programmed from Deeon's private archives and DAT tapes for Above Board, London. 100% hater free.



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