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Badness EP

Badness EP
Label: Naive
Nr kat.: NAIVE002
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Violet x Bleid - Badness.mp3
  • a2 Violet x Bleid - Toxic.mp3
  • b1 Bleid - Wall.mp3
  • b2 Violet - Abyss.mp3


Violet and BLEID met last year in Lisbon, at the Radio Quântica studios. In the very same day, they impromptu started working together on a track: a cover of Underground Sound Of Lisbon's 'So Get Up' to celebrate International Womens Day. Together, alongside a crew of young Lisbon DJs and activists, they also run the queer techno party Mina, one of the most vital things going on in the city's nightlife - the picture in the artwork was taken in the backstage of one of those infamous, dark-room-equipped parties. BLEID remixed NAIVE001's Togetherness by Violet, and that dope rework made it to Rroxymore's bag (as heard at Berghain) and was played on BBC Radio 6, Rinse FM and +++. The pair became friends, started bouncing ideas about production techniques, rap skills and the importance (or lack thereof) of the classics in dance music. Making more music together happened naturally. NAIVE002 feels like a continuation of naive's first release in some ways: the jungle-inspired chopped breaks, sonic synth work and oneiric pads are still there but gain a heavier, perhaps more somber tone at times, exploding into depth or ecstasy at others. Side A comes with two Violet and BLEID collabs: title track 'Badness' evokes early 90s UK techno, all broken beats and tribal percussion with a futuristic yet melodic twist, while 'Toxic' - made in Violet's living room with the two taking turns in composing and playing with the knobs of a modified xoxbox 303 clone - is a deep acid cut complete with surgically chopped breaks and fuzzy textures that add emotional content.Side B presents two solo tracks, one by each artist. BLEID's trademark precise, creative sound design is alive and well and can be felt in every bar on 'Wall', a drum-heavy, detailed stunner of a piece, equal parts fresh and mysterious. Violet's 'Abyss' is an ouvert ode to UK garage and its different schools, all burial-inspired reverb-soaked breaks, driven by a concise, nearly archetypal pad melody and punctuated by pitched vocals and dreamy arpeggio moments.



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