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Piper Remixes

Piper Remixes
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Format: 12"
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Johnny L's classic gets the re-whisk from a solid set of UK bassheads... TIP!

At the tail-end of 2017, XL Recordings reissued Jonny L's seminal D&B album 'Sawtooth' on vinyl for the first time. A move that further cemented the record's game-changer status, DJ Mag hailed the record as being still the future', while Resident Advisor said 20 years later, Sawtooth still sounds like an outlier.'

So after showcasing this 20-year-old classic, XL Recordings are today releasing a 12' containing remixes of the most iconic track from the LP, 'Piper'. With efforts from Peverelist, Overmono, Powell and Zomby, these remixes go some way towards showing the influence Jonny L's music still has on a wide range of contemporary electronic artists.

In their own words:

I was 18 when 'Piper' came out. It was a time when drum and bass was evolving rapidly and tunes like 'Piper' were at the vanguard of that change. I remember there was red and green 10" versions of the single, the red one had the Grooverider mix on, a subtle reworking of the original. I could never figure out which I preferred. My remix is influenced by both, stark, mechanical, robotic and futuristic but rolling with a deep groove, hopefully I've retained that.

There's so much gold on the XL back catalogue, but some of it shines more brightly than the rest. 'Piper' is one of those tracks that has genuinely stood the test of time - an understated classic.

I'll never forget the snap of that snare in the club and Piper's kind of rigid, uptight sense of funk. It was a huge tune for me. I was hooked on that whole stripped, ice cold, tech-steppin' sound — neurofunk as Simon Reynolds once called it. I wanted to explore that feeling of sleek, skeletal coldness in my remix. Huge tune (the original, not mine , ))

Been dancing to his music since hurt u so came out.



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