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Scripted Orkestra (gatefold) 180g

Scripted Orkestra (gatefold) 180g
Label: 7K!
Nr kat.: 7K005LP
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Do You Like What You See.mp3
  • 02 Stratospharenspaher.mp3
  • 03 Counter Culture.mp3
  • 04 You're A Fireball.mp3
  • 05 Gygylili.mp3
  • 06 Algorhythm.mp3
  • 07 Me Vibrate.mp3
  • 08 Valid Complaint.mp3


Henrik Schwarz, one of electronic music’s most well-respected producers, has collaborated with the internationally renowned Metropole Orkest and its conductor Jules Buckley to release a new, full-length LP titled ‘Scripted Orkestra’ on 7K!.

Metropole Orkest is one of the world’s leading orchestras when it comes to performing anything but classical music and they have played and helped shape the world of contemporary orchestra music since their foundation in 1945.

Originally performed live as the opening concert of ADE 2016 and broadcast by Boiler Room, this new studio recording delves further into Schwarz’s increasingly formidable orchestral talent, showcasing the incomparable thrill of seamlessly blending acoustic performance with computer generated music.

This new development sees Schwarz grow more confident and ambitious as an instrumental composer. Eschewing the term ‘classical’, Schwarz instead captures the movement, emotion and energy he’s mastered across over two-hundred productions and remixes. Here, in bridging the two worlds of orchestral sounds with computer aided ‘SCRIPTED’ composition, Schwarz has used his intuition to strike upon unexpected qualities surprisingly resonant to the current climate of music, art and society at large.

Indeed, album centerpiece, ‘Counter Culture’, written in collaboration with producer, vocalist and friend, Ben Westbeech, is a “positive protest song” in tribute to the spirit of community and togetherness that music can foster.

“Scripted Orkestra” will be released on May 25th on CD, 2LP and digital platforms



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