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Praise: Praying For A Better Tomorrow Part 5

Praise: Praying For A Better Tomorrow Part 5
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We are unfortunately living through a period that could possibly be the most desperate, as well as confusing time in human history. You would think that with the great leaps that have been taken with advances in technology-that we would at the very least become closer as a people. However, sadly this has shown not to be the case. What has become obvious, however, is that so-called progress has taken a back seat to trickery, chaos, wickedness, selfifishness and ultimately separatism. We have become desensitized to the point that we now see the hope we thought would be waiting for us at the end of the brightly lit tunnel is quickly being gobbled up by deceit, hate and darkness. Fortunately, however, there are devotees who like myself have always placed their beliefs in the transcendent powers of music. With nothing out here seeming to be what it’s supposed to be, it is clear that music has not only remained consistent with its alignment with love and unity, but it is also viewed to be the most precious gift bestowed on to humankind. An orchestration from the creator of the infifinite galaxy and all life-forms of which reside throughout, a sincere belief in his or hers rhythm and sound can assist in realigning the planet to its proper position of balance thus light and darkness, love and devotion, compassion and love for one another could prevail. No less is the power of gospel music. Difffferent from those who came before, this edition goes beyond and ventures into a broader range of gods music- this because, all music is gods music… We hope that you will enjoy – Give yourself to the Master…



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