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Fingertracks: Vol. 1

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Fingertracks: Vol. 1
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  • 01 Lovefingers - Intro.mp3
  • 02 The Chequers - Theme One.mp3
  • 03 Lifetones - Good Side.mp3
  • 04 Rick Cuevas - The Birds.mp3
  • 05 Data - Data Plata.mp3
  • 06 Hotlegs - Today.mp3
  • 07 Jo Squillo Eletrix - Avventurieri (remix dance version).mp3
  • 08 Captain Mustard - Quiet Move (Special dance mix).mp3
  • 09 DE - Full Moon (Lovefingers edit).mp3
  • 10 Nuno Canavarro - Blu Terra.mp3
  • 11 Electronic System - Skylab.mp3
  • 12 Eddie Callahan - Santa Cruz Mountains.mp3
  • 13 Dave Brock - Spirits.mp3
  • 14 Florian Poser - Winds.mp3


In 2006 the musical landscape was a very different place. Social media, as we know it, was in it's infancy. The constant stream of likes, notifications and digital interruptions of today didn't fully exist yet. Those of us 'in the know' and with a thirst for the overlooked regions of the record store had to quench ourselves in the finely curated and generous climes of the online world's myriad music sites, but LA's Lovefingers site was something different, a watering hole in the burgeoning digital desert, a zone where Wally Badarou rubbed shoulders with the likes of Holger Czukay, Sylvester, Mr. Fingers and many others with ease and nobody had an issue with it. A space where a $1 thrift store score b-side could breathe the same dusty air as a $300 private press Folk rarity in comfort. Through an ongoing 'single track per day' posting Andrew 'Lovefingers' Hogge created a truly open-minded, democratic and educated selection of music for our secret, late-night right click and 'save link as' pleasure.

Did we mention that this was before almost everything that we now take for granted? That's right, you see all those Euro Pop dubs, or the 'classics' that we play at the wrong speed, or those private gems that have been reissued to the moon and back? Well, they very probably popped up on our collective record radars via the medium of first. Rightfully so, the site became an instant 'go to' and mark of quality among diggers, DJ's, voyeurs and lurkers around the globe and undoubtedly lead Andrew to instigate his much loved ESP Institute imprint, that is now almost a decade old. The Lovefingers site certainly contributed hugely to the wondrous, many faceted and open minded galaxy of records that is now the language we all speak fluently, inspiring a generation of curious diggers to delve even further into the racks.

This compilation you have within your grasp is merely a snapshot of the aural delights that were on offer to those of a 'leftfield' persuasion who found the site and dutifully tuned in for the daily shot of sonics proper. A finely and carefully crafted, lovingly curated handful of records that Andrew has revisited in order to tell the story of his most influential and essential modern musical resource. The tracklist is classic Lovefingers, an insight into the free-flowing nature of the daily posts, context free but somehow all connected via the same creative threads and energies - lo-fi loner jams brush up alongside sleazed-out Italo powerhouses, Greek new age obscurities tussle against overlooked Hawkwind related cuts, and much much more. Rumour has it that this is merely the first volume of this tale. Isn't that exciting? In the words of the man himself - 'That's not all folks' ...



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