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  • Jazz z hip-hopowej perspektywy albo hip-hop z jazzowej perspektywy. Są sample, flety i rhodes, ale chyba bardziej chodzi tu o rytm i grooooooove

Nr kat.: SSJ07
Format: LP
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  • 01 Trippy.mp3
  • 02 Cloud Cruising.mp3
  • 03 Beat1.mp3
  • 04 Castle.mp3
  • 05 Before The Fight.mp3
  • 06 Late At Night.mp3
  • 07 Stuttering Bill.mp3
  • 08 Duck Song.mp3
  • 09 Home Love.mp3


Hailing from one of the world’s most famous harbours, Rotterdam, a true multicultural melting-pot, the music by 6-piece band called the Greyheads mirrors the daily life of this busy city. They approach jazz from a hip-hop point of view, or hip-hop from a jazz point of view, always carefully adding a perfect dose of other influences (all the members are heavily influenced by artists like Miles Davis, J Dilla, Herbie Hancock and Robert Glasper) with an exciting, groovy and vibrant tone.

After having self-released their debut EP "GREYHEADS × KYTOPIA" in 2017, they recently finished recording "HOMES", their first full length album.

Led by drummer Nello Biasini, this truly international band of like minded musicians was formed in 2016 and have since been busy creating their own, fresh and unique sound. Whether an intimate jazz club or the main stage of a big festival, they are all about creating a feel-good groovy vibe using live rlectronics, drum 'n bass, jazz, hip hop and pop fused together.

GreyHeads performed at NN North Sea Jazz 2019 and several other festivals such as So What's Next Festival, Jazz Delft Festival, Cutting Edge, ProJazz, Big Rivers Festival, as well as opening for the bands Moonchild and Knower.

'Homes' is a journey through space and time, travelling in opposite but jointed paths that lead to the places we call home. The concept of the record is to carry the listener to experience what every place and time can in any way, represent home, characterized by different atmospheres, sounds, images and sensations.



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