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Variation Sur 3 Bancs

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Variation Sur 3 Bancs
Label: La Belle
Nr kat.: LAB51
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Variation Sur 3 Bancs (with The Liminanas).mp3
  • a2 Variation Sur 3 Bancs (Pilooski Massane remix).mp3
  • b1 Variation Sur 3 Bancs (Superpitcher remix).mp3
  • b2 Variation Sur 3 Bancs (Destiino remix).mp3


Everything starts with a message Jörg Burger sent me in January 2020, asking me to feature in the Kompakt - Velvet Desert Music Vol.2 compilation, an homage to psychedelic music and to the 60s/70s acid western universe.

Some days before I was at Apolo and I saw this super cool set by The Limiñanas, I was instantly obsessed and I told myself they would be the perfect choice for this project. After contacting them on Instagram, Variation sur 3 bancs slowly takes shape between Barcelona and Montpellier: Lionel's calm voice, his expressive guitar work and his delirious lyrics were an almost magically pitch-perfect match to my electronic experiments.

Flattered and happy of all the feedbacks about the original version, I decided to put this song back into the spotlight to announce the release of my next album, Piscolabis, and asking three of my favourite artists to remix it: Superpitcher, Pilooski and Destino, who, talented as they are, brought Variation sur 3 bancs to some places I would have never been able to do myself.

Merci Aksel, merci Cedric, merci Pierre and of course merci to The Limiñanas for trusting me all along! Zig Zag etc…



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