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Naakt Over De Schutting (180g) (Record Store Day 2021)

Naakt Over De Schutting (180g) (Record Store Day 2021)
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Format: LP
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180 gram audiophile vinyl
PVC protective sleeve
First time on coloured vinyl

Limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on white vinyl
Includes XL At The Movies sticker
RSD2021 release includes RSD sticker

Naakt Over De Schutting (Naked Over The Fence), the 1973 movie was loosely based on a book written by Rinus Ferdinandusse. Described as a “sriller” (sarcastic thriller) this obscure B-movie was directed by Frans Weisz. It features a silly plot, a comic karate fight and a not-so spectacular tram chase all the way to Artis Zoo, Amsterdam. The soundtrack is fantastic, it features 16 tracks in a blend of jazz-funk, easy-listening, soul-jazz and vocal pop-rock. It was composed by Ruud Bos, one of the best Dutch composers for soundtracks. He wrote, arranged and composed stunning tracks for this very sought-after album. Standout tracks “Get It Now”, “Model Session”, and especially “Naked Plus”, with tight drumming, piano-chords & walking bass, are great examples of the sexploitation, jazz-funk and breaks style, and are sampled and used by many hip hop artists.

Rare and sought after Dutch jazz-funk, easy-listening, soul-jazz and vocal pop-rock composed by Ruud Bos
Featuring “Get It Now”, “Model Session”, “Naked Plus”, the single “Hey A Letter Came Today” by Dutch model and actress Sylvia Kristel (Emmanuelle) a.o.

Side A
1. Titles
2. Penny And Rick
3. Get It Now
4. Celia’s Death
5. Back To The Place Of The Crime
6. Wheels
7. The Kidnapping
8. On The Roof
Side B
1. Hey, A Letter Came Today - Sylvia Kristel
2. The Pigeons
3. A Film For A Girl
4. Model Session
5. Rick
6. The Twins
7. Naked Plus
8. Happy End

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