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Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission Three

  • Trzecia odsłona wybornej serii kompilacji od Isle Of Jura Soundsystem. Reggae & Dub, Ambient House, Downtempo i Leftfield Disco w balearycznym sosie. Big Tip !!!

Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission Three
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  • 01 The Irresistable Force - Lotus Position.mp3
  • 02 Full Moon Scientist - Lunar Base (dub).mp3
  • 03 The Rude Band - Dougs (dub).mp3
  • 04 Robert Minnott - Give Me Your Lovin (dub).mp3
  • 05 Mary House - Ambient (Krishna instrumental).mp3
  • 06 Mamukata - Kalimba Del Sol (DJ Jimmy Groove version).mp3
  • 07 Inspiration - Do It (12'' club mix).mp3
  • 08 Optimus - Four Point One.mp3
  • 09 Jean Michel Bertrand - Dream Reggae (Jura Soundsystem Special version).mp3


Double 140 Gram LP in a 5mm Spine Shrinkwrapped sleeve designed by Bradley Pinkerton.

The third and concluding edition of the Transmissions compilation series curated by IOJ Jura Soundsystem. The compilation focuses once again on rarities no longer available on Vinyl and touches upon Reggae & Dub, Ambient House, Downtempo and Leftfield Disco.

Mixmaster Morris in his Irresistible Force guise opens the album with the Ambient Electronica of ‘Lotus Position’, a long time favourite that’s been unavailable on Vinyl for nearly 30 years. Full Moon Scientist pick up the Ambient Dub baton with ‘Lunar Base Dub’ segueing into Australia’s Rude Band, featuring Oz radio royalty Doug Mulray on the aptly titled ‘Doug’s Dub’ originally released on Oz Sounds in Australia in 1982, a true Balearic gem recorded long before the genre had been widely discovered. Other highlights include Mary House’s ‘Ambient’, a chuggy slo-mo piano houser originally the last track on a 7 track EP released in 1991 on Italian label Technology, and ‘Do It’, an obscure South African track by Inspiration which covers the music from Sylvester’s ‘I Need Somebody To Love Tonight’ paired with new vocals using the refrain ‘Do It’. Jean-Michel Bertrand gave his blessing to a special Jura Soundsystem version of ‘Dream Reggae’ which features long time collaborator Mike Burn adding lead and rhythm guitar to an extended edit of the song. The album closes with some Ambient Tools which should serve to raise a smile at the end of the series.



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