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Wonderful Elixir

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Wonderful Elixir
Nr kat.: NOACT009
Format: 2x12"
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  • 01 Prelude Turismo 9.mp3
  • 02 A La Carte Reflection.mp3
  • 03 Cool Captain Rendezvu.mp3
  • 04 Oceans Of Emotional Wealth.mp3
  • 05 Dial D-E-E-P 4 Divinity.mp3
  • 06 So Mystic & So Balearic.mp3
  • 07 She's Bliss On The Dancefloor (feat Grant & Nata).mp3
  • 08 Rivers (feat Jesus Gonsev).mp3
  • 09 Dream Delivery.mp3
  • 10 Deeper Imports.mp3



The Inter-Atlantic duo of George Btp Dan Piu & Roger K. Versey return to your shores to traverse more mystery, adventure, and musical journey with an all new double 12" album.

Passport - Wonderful Elixir. Named for its nutritious flavor and mixture, Wonderful Elixir is crafted for the deep frequency connoisseurs, explorers not constrained to genres, not afraid to vibe with the tides of life, but rather seek the deeper feeling that is true and Indigo Blue. The main ingredients are 10 visions that await inside the fine grooves of two 180 gram disks crafted to capture the moments in the best way; a seamless connection of Air, Land and Seaways that harbor elements of Jazz, Acid, Deep House and Street Beat. From the organic forests to the concrete jungles, From Zurich to St.Louis, your Wonderful Elixir is here. Featuring very special appearances from DJ Nata, Jesus Gonsev, and Grant.

Presented on 2×12" vinyl by the legendary No Acting Vibes label, and on CD and Digital by Deep Inspiration Show. Includes original acrylic paintings by Zara Versey.




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