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Sexopolis Beyond The Valley Of The Beats (Green Vinyl)

Sexopolis Beyond The Valley Of The Beats (Green Vinyl)
Nr kat.: CDMRLP4972
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Alan Hawkshaw - Hawkwind & Fire.mp3
  • 02 Super Erotica - Super Erotica.mp3
  • 03 Mark Duval & His Music - The Bends.mp3
  • 04 Sound Experience - JP Walk.mp3
  • 05 Alan Tew - The Build Up (Gentle In The Night).mp3
  • 06 Back Up To The Bumper Boogie.mp3
  • 07 Can't Get Enough (Of That Hot Buttered Stuff).mp3
  • 08 The Thrill Is On - Night Driving Scene.mp3
  • 09 Greg's Groove Thing.mp3
  • 10 Jailbait - Rollerblade Escapade.mp3
  • 11 Dagmar Zeigt's Euch - Gabi's Theme.mp3
  • 12 Four Wheelin' Meat Movers.mp3
  • 13 The Devil Made Me Do It - Nightclub Theme.mp3
  • 14 Pimp Fight.mp3
  • 15 Inside Seka - Bang 'Em Hard.mp3
  • 16 The Manimal - Hot Buttered Buns.mp3
  • 17 Brighton Beach Bunnies - Portobello Surprise.mp3
  • 18 Bedtime For Busty.mp3
  • 19 Sir Lancealot - Love Theme.mp3
  • 20 I Dig Your Vibe.mp3
  • 21 A Thousand & One Knights - Theme.mp3
  • 22 Motion Lotion.mp3
  • 23 Exchnaging Glances.mp3


Music follows strange paths, goes where it wants, always. This is how music created for use only as a background for adult films in the 70s today sounds so current, sophisticated, groovy and cool.

In this new chapter of Sexopolis "Beyond The Valley Of The Beats" ( Pornobeats ), we will in fact find songs "for adult listeners" who have made non-trivial musical research their final destination. 23 soul, funk, jazz, lounge and more songs that are not so easy to label with a musical genre, believe me.

18 of the songs in this selection have never been made on phonographic support before, a real "first time" that you can discover with all the taste, curiosity and kindness due, please.

The fourth chapter of the Sexopolis series is certainly the most alternative and ambitious, the result of an accurate and difficult musical research that will satisfy listeners at all times. The turquoise double vinyl is as always a limited edition. Then, all that remains is to add it to your collection and ... make your own mental private film.







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