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Kiki Mori

Kiki Mori
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On April 26 Instant Classic will release the second album from Polish ambient-improvised trio Hinode Tapes. “Kiki Mori” will come out digital, CD, cassette tape and on vinyl thanks to a collaboration with Kanu Kanu Recordings.

“Kiki Mori” consists of four tracks that expand on a stark sound introduced by the band on its 2022 debut album. „We tend to perceive this record as a really coherent statement despite our backgrounds as musicians,” Piotr Kaliński (guitar, looper) admits. “It turns out that every now and then your first shot at creating something new is the best, most natural one. We managed to maintain a link with these first recordings on our new album. Let’s look at it as the next chapter of the same story but this time a bit darker and inward-looking one,” Piotr explains. “Our main goal this time can be defined as extreme minimalism. Percussion is barely audible and the sound palette has expanded to include weird sounds, such as sticks, palms, dishes, springs and so on,” Kaliński says. “We decided to treat those as important factors of our soundscapes and I
think that this is what contributed to a darker and raw outcome of our work, including a monochromatic and distorted artwork.” Work on “Kiki Mori” finished a year ago but the album kept on evolving. At the very last moment the band decided to remove one of the tracks since it didn’t match the mood of the rest of the record. “I guess ‘Kiki Mori’ is not what you’d call a strict esthetic statement. We intend to play mainly with the narrative and not only with color, hence the reduction of percussion, introduction of a human voice and a big departure from a crystal clear sound. We even included a piece of our live recording here,” Kaliński explains.

Piotr Chęcki – saxophone, sampler, OP-1
Piotr Kaliński – guitar, looper, tape echo, field recordings, hands, cables
Jacek Prościński – drums, percussion, MPA019, bow, hands

Guest appearance: Momose Yasunaga – voice

Mix: Piotr Kaliński
Mastering: Haruhisa Tanaka
Artwork: Piotr Kaliński





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