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Amazones EP

  • Kixnare pod swoim nowym aliasem. Tip! Heavy recommended!

Amazones EP
Nr kat.: TRNS004
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Amazones.mp3
  • a2 Chrome.mp3
  • b1 Yebo.mp3
  • b2 Sus.mp3

aka Kixnare


"A płyńcież wy płyńcież rodacy do narodu swego! Płyńcież wy do narodu waszego świętego chyba przeklętego" Witold Gombrowicz


Following the success of the first three releases, Polish imprint Transatlantyk is back with more playful dance floor jams. This brand new offering showcases the unusual production talent of a well known Polish hip-hop beatmaker Lukasz Maszczynski who until now was best known for serving fat beats for best underground rappers under his Kixnare alias, under which he also released 3 solo albums on the Polish U Know Me imprint.

His new alter ego - Universo - is dedicated to deep and raw house-oriented music, leaving soft, R&B infused electronic jams and raw sample-heavy beats behind.

The EP opener 'Amazones' fuses rolling bass and synths with heavy drums and mind enhancing soundscapes, creating beautiful late night jam. 'Chrome' takes its sounds and inspirations out of Chicago house playbook and works them to great effect. 'Yebo' is the perfect peak-time banger. It's rolling, irresistible groove and chords are reminiscent of Motor City Drum Ensemble's finest moments. Fat, fresh and funky! Closing the EP is 'Sus', a deep ambient track with liquid-like synths pouring bits of melancholy on top of delicate drums.

All four tracks have been road-tested by the Transatantyk family and will be the source of endless fun for you and the dancers on the floor.






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