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World EP

World EP
Label: Tartelet
Nr kat.: TART031
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Bougainvilles (live).mp3
  • a2 Nu World (vocal edit).mp3
  • b1 Nu World (Flute mix).mp3
  • b2 Exotica Dance Club.mp3
  • b3 Outro.mp3



Tartelet Records once again nailing down the good stuff, as NU GUINEA step up with a stunning EP !
Last years self titled EP on the Early Sounds label stood out a mile and became a cult classic amongst those lucky enough to scoop a copy The tantalisingly tropical House on offer there informs this excellent EP too. The beautifully dislocated & mid-tempo 'Bouganvilles Live' lays out some warm analogue textures across a live percussion base, while the Vocal Edit of title track Nu World ploughs a similar furrow to early Metro Area, with rich musical synth work over a pacey Afro groove and undeniable Jazz-Funk flair. The Flute Mix passes over the vocal refrain from mix one and just gets down and wigs-out on those solos - an absolute killer ! Exotica Dance Club sounds like Herbie visited the Salsoul studios with his banks of modular gear and jammed out into the small hours, as we head home on the beatless Outro, all synth washes and lavish ear candy Another superb release on this ever-impressive label.



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