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Thulsa EP

Thulsa EP
Nr kat.: TTT036
Format: 12"
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Under his Chemotex alias, Marcos Cabral has been one of The Trilogy Tapes most productive artists in recent times. This is his third 12" for Will Bankhead's imprint in less than 12 months. Unlike Cabral's recent album for L.I.E.S, which reveled in its' own distorted, balls-out intensity, Thulsa strives to get a balance between becalmed techno hypnotism, skuzzy grooves and gently melodious intent. This blend is perhaps most satisfyingly mixed on the industrial-tinged clank of "Delta City", though the woozier, scuffled late night warmth of "Music For Security" pushes it close. Twice he heads towards deeper territory; first on the title track's trance-inducing synthesizer loop groove, and secondly on the dubby, locked-in tech-house majesty of "Lorentz".



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