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Mondo Hehe EP

  • Lutto Lento wnosi nową jakość do wspaniałego katalogu wydawnictw z Transatlantyk. Big Tip!

Mondo Hehe EP
Nr kat.: TRNS005
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Intro.mp3
  • a2 Mondo Hehe.mp3
  • a3 Til Tomorro.mp3
  • b1 Cold Water.mp3
  • b2 Casino.mp3
  • b3 Outro.mp3


"I tup, łup, łup i buch i bach buch, i bach bach buch bach, buchbach, buchbach, buchbach, bach bach, buch, buch, buchbachem tańcują" - Witold Gombrowicz


More abstract, forward thinking house music courtesy of Transatlantyk. “Mondo Hehe” is the fifth EP in a growing catalogue of the label and is one of its most adventurous offerings yet. Lutto Lento (real name Lubomir Grzelak) is an experimental musician from Warsaw, Poland, who specializes in dark, spooky, uneasy music that’s hard to categorize. Apart from running two experimental cassette-only labels (Sangoplasmo and DUNNO Recordings), Lutto Lento records music for contemporary theatre and forward thinking European labels like FTD and Where To Now? He is equally inspired by avant-garde and surreal sounds from the bygone eras as well as raw house and techno music of today. His music tends to absorb the listener into a parallel, imaginary world, where sounds of a lamenting cry of a trumpet (B2) and a voice counting numbers on top of the rolling exotica-style bongos (A2) are as important as jacking Chicago house drums (B1) and energetic basslines (A3). From the jumping beats of the title track, to the late night deep roller “Casino”, “Mondo Hehe EP” is a superb collection of nongeneric house music that sounds as good at a club, as it does at home.



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