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The Wrong Person (180g)

The Wrong Person (180g)
Nr kat.: DISTRICT008
Format: 12"
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  • a1 The Wrong Person Spec.mp3
  • b1 Somewhere In Space.mp3
  • b2 If We Amplify Everything, We Hear Nothing.mp3


180G VINYL! PRESS: The Wrong Person Spec - Dropped twice on Gilles Peterson show. “Killer Track!” Gilles Peterson BBC 6 Music The Wrong Person Spec - Dropped twice on Kev Beadle’s Mind Fluid Show. “Bottom end sub bizniss :-)” Kev Beadle Mind Fluid Show TRACK TITLES A: THE WRONG PERSON SPEC B1: SOMEWHERE IN SPACE B2: IF WE AMPLIFY EVERYTHING, WE HEAR NOTHING Info: So there he sits in the Dub Basket, vintage desk overloading, space Echo waiting for a waveform from Tuff Scout to Dub. Out there by the river amidst the Ballardian wastelands producing some beats……fascilitating the Sons of Kemet or Roisin Murphy, mixing Micachu or maybe he’s just having a nap. A bag of outboard lies at the back, put down from a last away trip with the Matthew Herbert live expedition. Up on the wall in the vinyl rack lies a track back into pre history, remixes, Japan, names, places, styles, beats, bands, Cage’s Silence and Herzog on Herzog……. all the way back to New York mid 80s making tea for KRS-1 and learning a trade . Borrowed amplifier in the corner going back to brother Marco - didn’t have it when they did the Young Disciples…… or maybe they did. Two Banks of Four test pressings, William Adamson acetate got checked and put in a pile by the quarter inch tape machine, the long mic that was used to record Shaka v Fatman ‘Wood Green 89′ is an older resident resting on some obscure Jazz and waiting their turn to get Ableton’d. Doesn’t really say any name above the door, too many names - could see it as a problem…. or a benefit, that all depends. It seems more chaotic than it actually is, but his name is Demons and he’s done a new EP, but it’s odds on he’ll of been involved in music you will have listened to before…… or not….. in which case enjoy this new artist .



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