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  • 01 I`m Calling You From Distance.mp3
  • 02 AUBE.mp3
  • 03 Silver Dust.mp3
  • 04 Sunrise, Guide Us.mp3
  • 05 25 September.mp3


Special one dug out by Tokyo's Chee Shimizu on his own 17853. Oxygen tanks at the ready - this is a deep dive. Immerse yourself in the synths, sisters! TIP! SYNTH SISTERS are a synthesizer duo comprising of Rie Lambdoll and MAYUKo (also known as CROSSBRED) and based in Osaka, Japan. SYNTH SISTERS debut album "aube" was released privately by the group on a limited CD in 2014. MAYUKo passed a copy to 17853 label boss, Shimuzu, and he was knocked sideways by their unique music - hence this vinyl issue was born.

Mysterious melodies and reiterated sequences occupy an expanded meditative space - going there with ease. Like a female Tangerine Dream? A womanly twin incarnation of Terry Riley? The duo create deep psychedelic synth drone, recorded live, totally free and improvised using five synthesizers, their own voices and effects.

Underground go-to engineeer, KABAMIX, is on remastering duty - giving it a strong re-EQ for the album’s first vinyl issue.

The project is dedicated to deceased noise artist Akifumi Nakajima a.k.a. "AUBE", who past away in 2013.



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