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Jaguar Mirror

Jaguar Mirror
Nr kat.: ESP038
Format: 12"
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Thunder Tillman is a cosmic vagabond who travels through space and time accompanied by his personal shaman. Together, as if having fallen to Earth, their mission is to recreate the music of their estranged home, reuniting with their brothers and sisters through an exquisite form of storytelling. While Western music may have degenerated over the past 65 years, troopers such as Thunder Tillman continue to drill down toward an elusive core, searching for something holy while never bastardizing their art with insincere advents of technology or convenience—as is apparent throughout their immaculate analogue production on this ESP Institute debut, Jaguar Mirror. Comparisons to genres like Krautrock are predictable, however we feel these four songs are so heavily narrative and wildly visceral that attempting to categorize the music would be a disservice to your imagination. We implore you to lay back in a nice stereo environment and absorb the purity of Thunder Tillman’s endeavor—appreciate their command of melody, composition, spectrum, magic… and try to recall the last time you chanced upon something truly different.



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